French for specific purposes

As a professional or an individual, you have specific needs in French. Our individually tailored courses are based on these needs for which a training programme is implemented to meet your specific requirements. Your personal learning profile takes into account your needs, be they courses in General French, specialty courses or courses with specific goals.

Specific French course can help you to improve your French language skills:


Course offers

Speciality courses of French

If you want to improve your skills in a particular linguistic field in a professional perspective, the “Alliance Française Strasbourg Europe" offers language courses tailored to your needs which may take place for example at your workplace or on our premises.
After an accurate assessment interview our school can provide a training programme that will enable your employees to develop sociolinguistic skills in the targeted areas.
Our often doubly qualified teachers (for example in French as a Foreign language and International Relations) are experts in specific professional contexts of the French language.

We offer specialty courses in French, mainly in the following areas:

  • French Diplomacy and International Relations,
  • French for Companies,
  • Business French,
  • Legal French,
  • French for Science and Technology,
  • Medical French,
  • French for Tourism.

Courses in other areas are possible, please contact us to let us know your requirements.



French for Specific Purposes (CSP)

Do you need an appropriate French Course for a specific communication situation?

The "Alliance Française Strasbourg Europe" offers a complete programme in line with your request. After a first assessment interview, we will meet you at your office in order to precisely define the sociolinguistic objectives to complete. Our fully customized offer is adapted to the precise linguistic situation you are in. Our often doubly qualified teachers are training experts for French in professional contexts.

For example, imagine that your German speaking colleague already speaks some French, but he has to work in new communicative situations. He does not feel comfortable, because of his lack of linguistic and socio-linguistic tools needed in these new situations. For example, managing a team of French colleagues, organizing meetings, writing reports, negotiating in French with suppliers, sending e-mails to organize events, etc. In this case, our training programme aims at improving his expertise and technical know-how in French, both written and spoken, to enable him to coordinate efficiently with his team and suppliers. 



Application fees

For any purchase the application fee is 60 €. If you have already paid the fee for the current school year, please contact the AFSE