French for Diplomacy

In this course, students learn the French language in the field of diplomacy.

Its content is closely related to the cultural and institutional life of the city of Strasbourg. Students acquire special linguistic and sociocultural skills, and knowledge on the European institutions and social relations related to it.

The language teaching focuses on the areas of International Relations, International Law and Political Sciences.

The educational activities are easily supplemented by with cultural activities (for example, guided tours of the European institutions, the National School of Administration (ENA).

Target group:

  • Employees and trainees of the European Institutions (Council of Europe, European Parliament, European Court of Human Rights, Pharmacopoeia…).
  • Employees of diplomatic organizations and affiliates
  • Students majoring in International Relations, Administration or Political Sciences
  • People whose personal or professional activity falls within the diplomatic field.



Application fees

For any purchase the application fee is 60 €. If you have already paid the fee for the current school year, please contact the AFSE