Summer Courses

In Summer, come and spend your free time learning French at the Alliance Française Strasbourg Europe. Enjoy your free time during Summer an live a unique experience in the heart of Alsace to the rhythm of Europe!

  • Learn French in our general courses (intensive or extensive). Courses restricted to those aged 16 years and over!
  • Practice the language in our development workshops,
  • Dscover the charms of Alsace and visit the European institutions as part of our cultural activities.

Depending on your needs and wishes, you may benefit from our assistance in organizing a successful linguistic stay in Strasbourg: accommodation, restaurants as well as public transport!

Our summer courses last 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks. Please consult our current offer and our session calendar below.

Pay attention: all the sessions do not include complete beginner courses. Please refer to the calendar.

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They allow our students to develop linguistic, socio-cultural and rapidly applicable skills on the basis of individual language activities of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (written and oral comprehension, speaking and writing). The general “French as a foreign language” courses (FLE) are suitable for students of all levels (from beginners to advanced). Each course aims to achieve a goal which corresponds to daily needs on both a professional and personal level. Our students will thus develop useful skills, for example, they can learn how to order at a restaurant, or learn how to write a covering letter for a job search.

In these courses, each student moves forward at the same time as his peers under the guidance of a teacher, this is mostly based on a workbook. The group dynamic is an advantage for learning, what our students have learned can in fact be applied immediately in a communicative and social space. The AFSE has developed for every level a detailed study program (with pragmatic and sociolinguistic objectives), which corresponds to the CEFR.

You can choose your course program depending on the type of course you are looking for.

Please consult our offer below :

  • Intensive: 5 hours per day, 40 hours for a two-week session
  • Extensive with evening classes: 2 evening courses per week with 2 hours per session
  • Summer workshops (grammar, phonetics, written practice, oral practice)

Course offerings

Course offers eligible for reduction

Discounts are automatically applied when re-registering for a full 4-week course session.
Discount on the
2nd registration
On the
3rd registration
As from the
4th registration

General French Summer Course/ Intensive

40 hours of General French
2-weeks session
from Monday to Friday 9h00 to 13h00

General French Summer Course/ Intensive

General intensive french: 40hours of courses on a 2 weeks session (20h/week) 

Courses from 9h00 to 13h00 on monday to friday

In these courses, the student works on general french language with the other students of his group, on written as well as oral practice. He studies french to use it immediately in all practical situations of personal and professionnal life.

This course allows to work on all skills: pragmatic, linguistic, social, and deepened as well as regular skills: oral and written comprehension and expression.    

The intensity with 4 hours a day allows  fast improvement, since everyday, the teacher reuses recently adquired notions and new elements, through a progressive group work.  

The teacher's pedagogy adapts the rythm, the contents and the progression to match his students needs. He makes an evaluation at the very beginning of the session and takes in account the students needs and tastes in order to build his course.  

This morning work in classes leaves the remaining of the day for cultural activities or just for french use, in personnal life. Intensive courses may be usefully completed with practical workshops in the afternoon, in grammar, phonetics, oral or written practice.

The lessons for the holidays of the 14/07 and 15/08 will be replaced with 2 workshops of 2 hours

General French Summer Course/ Intensive
80 hours
395,00 €
60,00 €
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80 hours

Application fees

For any purchase the application fee is 60 €. If you have already paid the fee for the current school year, please contact the AFSE