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The Alliance Française Strasbourg Europe is a non-profit association and a private institute for higher education.

Our school is also registered as a training institution (number 04515 42 67 67), as such French companies and organizations can request financial support in the framework of specific measures of French vocational training.


Accessibility of our school: an optimal geographic location

The Alliance Française Strasbourg Europe is located in the immediate vicinity of the picturesque Petite France district and within walking distance to the central train station (7 minutes). A bus stop is right at the entrance of the building. A tram stop (walking distance: 2 minutes) also allows you to reach quickly and comfortably the entire city of Strasbourg.


Our goal:

As your training partner for French language, we improve oral and written language skills of your students with the aim of improving professional integration.


Our quality concept:

All our training courses follow the recommendations of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEF). This recognized teaching framework is used at an international level and enables all students to clarify their progress and thus helps to identify their needs.


The quality label "Qualité Fle":

Our school stands for quality teaching; the Alliance Française has obtained the top grade in all categories at the renewal of the quality label in 2013. This award is given by an inter-ministerial Commission (Ministries of Education, Cultural Affairs and Foreign Affairs).


The pedagogical approach of AFSE:

Our teaching concept is based on a communicative and action-oriented approach, according to linguistic needs of students in an everyday situation, in private life or at work. In this context, the learning process is tasks oriented (writing an argumentative short report or presenting an oral summary on a particular topic, managing a meeting or leading a team). This approach encourages oral interaction thanks to linguistic activities. Learners are fostered to express themselves in the target language during all courses. Thereafter, written exercises consolidate the applied languages which lead to a long-lasting assimilation of student achievements.

The new skills learned in class can be immediately and directly used in professional and private life.


Personalized positioning:

A free mandatory placement test will take place before the first course. The oral and written test results allow assignment of each learner in an optimal learning group where he can improve his skills according to his needs and linguistic goals. This placement test is an integral part of our communicative and active methodology. Beyond the structural linguistic skills, our test also checks the ability of the learner to express coherent oral and written messages in the target language.


Individual guidance and support

Learners who have some learning difficulties during the course may be offered the possibility of extra tutoring sessions in order to gain confidence while using the language. These tutoring sessions are provided by trainee teachers and are mostly short sessions of 45 minutes, mainly within the framework of classroom-based learning, and if necessary also in the form of distance learning (Skype or email for example).

These refresher courses are focused on a particular topic or a precise task.


The professional experience of our teachers

The educational AFSE team is very experienced with professionals. Each instructor adapts to specific linguistic and socio-cultural needs of the learners who therefore progress rapidly. Most of our teachers have the qualification to give national exams and their corrections. These exams (DELF, TCF) take place at the ASFE. During the lessons our teachers can advise the learners in order to successfully pass these exams.

Companies and professional organizations
This course is specifically designed to train employees of companies and professional organizations in French. Together (with you) we perform a needs analysis in order to set up the right training plan according to your goals. The following options are offered: - Your employees join an existing group (super intensive, intensive, semi-intensive or extensive courses) in order to gain general language skills in French. - We can also offer a tailored course for linguistic needs in a specific field (specialty courses of French) or for a specific situation (French courses for specific purposes). The program is based on the conditions of our courses for particular groups : Individual lessons, mini-group or existing group, at ASFE or at your place More details….
General courses
Our courses allow our students to develop linguistic, socio-cultural and rapidly applicable skills on the basis of individual language activities of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (written and oral comprehension, speaking and writing) The general “French as a foreign language” courses (FLE) are suitable for students of all levels (from beginners to advanced). Each course aims to achieve a goal which corresponds to the daily needs on a professional and personal level. In these courses, each student progresses at the same time as his peers under the guidance of a teacher, this is mostly based on a textbook and workbook. The group is an advantage for learning, and our students can in fact use immediately what they have learnt in a communicative and social space After the placement test the student learns in a group that corresponds to his level and is part of the overall program A1, A2, B1 or B2 or C1. General courses occur in an intensive (80h/month) or extensive (16h/month) form.
Exams and preparatory courses 
The French Alliance Strasbourg Europe manages the examinations recognized at national and international levels. At any time during your training curriculum in French, you can register for our exams so that we can evaluate your level in French. Our teachers are trained for the award and proofreading of both DELF and TCF. Our teachers can offer you a more optimized preparation for these exams, if you participate in the preparatory course for the DELF or TCF.
French courses for specific purposes
As a professional or an individual, you have specific needs in the French language. Our individually tailored courses are based on the analysis of your personal learning profile and take into account your wishes, whether you need courses in general French, specialty courses or courses with specific goals.
French courses for particular groups
We adapt to the specific needs of individuals or groups and offer courses in group or individual lessons. Please contact us for more information.