There is no prerequisite condition to study at the AFSE.

We teach individuals aged 16 and over (with parental approval between 16 and 18 years).

You can pay in euros:

  • at the office: by credit card, with a French cheque or by cash (max 1000€)
  • remote payment via bank transfer
  • online through our website.

Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you a receipt and pre-registration certificate.

Please note: bank charges and exchange fees are always charged to the student.

No later than 2 weeks before classes start.

To register, you need to send us : completed registration form, a copy of your ID. You also need to pass a placement test and proceed to the payment of the course (including the 60€ of registration fees)

If you need a subscription certificate to apply for a visa, subscribe at least 2 months before classes start.

Yes, AFSE is an official organization for continuous education. Therefore, the training costs for people living in France with a professional activity can be covered by their employer for professional development. However, a professional training agreement between the employer and Alliance Française Strasbourg Europe is required.

You can also have your training financed by organizations such as CPF, Pôle Emploi or your company’s OPCO.

If you are resident of a European Union country or a Swiss resident, you do not require a visa.

If you are resident of a country that is not subject to a tourist visa obligation, you will be able to study at the AFSE without a visa for a period not exceeding 3 months. In all other cases, a visa is required for entry into France.

You will need to contact the French Embassy or Consulate in your country for visa application requirements.

The AFSE issues you with a pre-registration or registration certificate which enables you to apply for a “long student visa” at the Embassy or Consulate.

Yes, you are entitled to a refund. The AFSE will nevertheless retain the pre-registration fees of 60€ for administrative fees.

Yes, you need to contract an insurance covering civil liability, sickness, accident and medical repatriation.

If you have chosen accommodation with a host family, the family can eventually pick you up at the train station or airport (subject to their agreement)

If you are staying in a hotel or a student dormitory, you may ask the AFSE for assistance.

Planes, trains, tram, bus, bicycle, Strasbourg offers you a variety of commuting solutions.

The Alliance Francaise Strasbourg Europe is located near a tram station in central Strasbourg and 5 minutes walking from the Cathedral. The Strasbourg Eurométropole, ideally situated in the heart of Europe, is well served by rail and air.

The AFSE offers a wide range of cultural activities outside of the language class: conferences, museum visits, European institutions, castles, shows, conversation circles, wine tasting and cooking classes…

A new cultural program is offered every month.

If you have a “long stay student visa”, you are allowed to work within the limits of at most 20 hours a week.

Yes, there is free WIFI access.

Once your registration has been confirmed, you will take an online test and be given an appointment for your oral examination prior to or on your arrival at the AFSE.

This will enable us to ascertain your level in French so that we can place you into the group level that suits you best.

These tests are assessed by our teachers.

Classes take place all year-round. The AFSE works with 4-week.You can register for at least one week.

Our classes can welcome up to 16 students. Our groups usually contain 8 to 12 students.

Several methods may be used depending on the session.

Teachers also use all kinds of teaching facilities (audio, videos,…)

The teacher will inform you on which textbook to buy (cost: approximately 30€).

Our rooms are equipped with SMART Board interactive whiteboards.

Yes, AFSE is an official center for several tests and exams:

  • DELF
  • TCF (French language test) :
    • TCF Tout Public TP (for all audiences)
    • TCF Intégration Résidence et Nationalité IRN (Integration Residence and Nationality)

The registration fees have to be paid before the deadline for the subscription to the exams (see calendar).

Yes, AFSE offers special sessions to practice for TCF IRN and DELF.